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About Us - Background

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit this page. I’m Jim Macgregor and I’m a Business to Business Freelance Copywriter that you might consider hiring to work on your next writing project.

I set up Write Projects to write marketing copy for the technology market sector, since this is an area where I’ve spent most of my working life.

I’m a Chartered Engineer and Consultant and have worked with many leading oil & gas operators and design houses. I’ve also spent some time working in the bulk organic chemical and nuclear industries.

As a Consultant, I’ve used my skills and experience to solve Client’s problems and present them with solutions that they can relate to and readily apply to their business operation.

Although my background is in industrial technology, I welcome the opportunity to work in other areas of technology. I research every subject thoroughly and can be relied upon to write clearly and concisely on a range of topics.

Please contact me if you think my experience profile might be a good fit for a writing project that you have in mind.

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